Skilled And Successful Civil Litigators

While mediation is a less costly means of resolving legal disputes, civil litigation is oftentimes the only option when negotiations fail. If your case is going to trial, you need attorneys who provide skilled and cost-effective legal representation.

Aggressive And Cost-Effective Trial Lawyers At Your Side

At Laird, Robertson & Allen, PC., our attorneys explore all options to secure the best possible resolution on your behalf. The end of a business partnership or marriage represents life-changing times where the stakes are high. Complex civil and criminal court cases require the help of attorneys with trial skills and experience.

The attorneys at Laird, Robertson & Allen, PC., combine 70 years of experience representing their fellow Alabama residents dealing with legal matters. Simply stated, our legal team has taken on practically every type of civil litigation. Our trial lawyers possess thorough knowledge of civil procedure that governs the litigation process.

Skilled Civil Litigators Providing Individualized Legal Advocacy

Our legal team does not shy away from litigation. In fact, both of our attorneys are in Jasper and Walker County Courthouses daily. They are well-known by judges, court staff and opposing counsel for litigation of breach of business contracts, marital dissolution, criminal charges, or real estate transactions.

Understanding the risks of trials, we set realistic expectations and create customized strategies based on your specific dispute. Throughout the entire process, we remain accessible and provide continuing updates as needed.

A Focus On Your Best Interests At Trial

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